•   Been involved in a lawsuit or court case and felt as if things were out of control?

•  Been involved in a lawsuit of court case and became overcome by anxiety because no one would tell you what was going on?

•   Been involved in a lawsuit or court case and wondered “what happens next?”

Being involved in a lawsuit or court action is stressful.


Is this legal?

What are my options?

What happens next?

Each of these situations by themselves can cause anxiety, confusion, and even fear; any two or more of these situations occurring at the same time is almost unbearable.

Having someone that you can turn to, someone that knows the law and that can explain it in terms that you can understand (in other words: “in plain English”) is something that can reduce (if not minimize) this stress, anxiety, confusion and fear.


“If knowledge is power, then knowledge of the law is the Power of Law.”

Our firm’s philosophy is simple: Empower the client with knowledge of the law, tailored to the client’s specific circumstances, to enable the client to make informed decisions … putting the Power of Law on your side.

Please visit the other pages on our web site to see the type of cases we handle OR contact us to see if we can empower you to control your legal future.

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